Dr Simon Milligan

Dr Simon MilliganI’ve been practicing as a GP in Cartmel, South Cumbria, for the last 25 years and as an enjoyable extra, I’ve been Doctor at Cartmel Racecourse for the last 23 years.

In 2013 I went on the Everest Marathon as Team Doctor  and again in 2017, so I’m well-acquainted with the sorts of issues runners encounter on the trek.

When I’m not working I spend my time taking part in a range of outdoor activities. I’ve been fell running since 1990 and have taken part in many mountain marathons and Mountain Trials. I did my Bob Graham Round in1992 and I’ve just had the very satisfying experience of pacing my daughter on her BG. I’m also a keen cyclist and paddler, entering long distance races.

Travelling is what I enjoy, whether it’s trekking through big mountains,  cycle touring or taking part in long distance canoe races.

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