Keith MacIntosh

Keith MacIntoshKeith’s mountain running experience includes winning the Marathon of Afghanistan, the Nepal International Marathon, and the 50k Spiti Gompa Run. Other races include the Mira Rai’s Stupa to Stupa Ultra, UTMB (CCC, TDS and UTMB), and running as pacemaker at the Ladakh Marathon.

Keith’s race organisation and volunteering experience includes the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa (running the Gandegghütte checkpoint at over 3000m) and also the EnduranceLife Coastal Trail Series. And of course parkrun - his local event is Wimbledon Common.
Keith has spent significant time in the mountains, first visiting Khumbu in 2001. More recently he has trekked across Ladakh and Zanskar, Spiti and Langtang, and has climbed solo to summits over 6000m. Keith is a UKA Licensed Athletics Coach ( and a published adventure photographer ( Keith is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and is on the Society's Younger Members’ Committee.

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