Bhai B. Tamang

Bhai Tamang

Bhai B. Tamang is the Founder and MD of Adventure Zambuling Treks, based in Kathmandu. Born in Ghunsa, below Lukla in the Everest Region,  his village was the location of the first CAN project.

He started work as a porter, then became a guide, before starting his own company. In 1995, he visited Europe for the first time to promote his business  and since then he visits every year.

Over the years he’s organised many prestigious trips for charities, British Army officers, US Army officers, Canadian Army officers, Omanis Army officers and consequently gained a lot of experience in high altitude trekking, events and expeditions.

His company is recognised by many embassies as providing the best trekking service as he prides himself on providing excellent service combined with total safety. He has been the local Agent in  Nepal for a long time and is the brains behind OEM logistics.

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