Race Day 2019


Suman Kulung Winner

Months of preparation has come down to the final race Day 2019 which started at Gorak Shep 5200m.

Two race starts were trialed this year. The faster runners which included all 16 nepali, started at 7.00am whereas most others had a slightly earlier 6.30am start to avoid congestion on the Gorak Shep moraine.

The winner was Suman Kulung (Nepal) who managed a record finishing time of 3 hours 39 minutes beating the previous record by 2 minutes.


The full results list can be found here Results 2019


The temperature range of this race is vast; -15C to start and upto +15C in Namche Bazaar at the finish line - although the actual temparture drops sharply when the sun drops below the skyline.


Other notable times include Barry Edwards (GB) which was the fasterst ever M60, Chris Brown (GB) (famous seven summiteer) oldest ever completer (M70) and Isobel Turner (GB) completing 34k as an 18 year old. Rashila Tamang (Nepal) won the Women's race with Sabrina Vergee (GB) first non nepali female.


  • Adam
  • Alys
  • AstridAndPaul
  • BarryGoudriaan
  • ChrisAndKirsteen2
  • ChrisBrown
  • ChrisSmallman
  • ChrisWright
  • Chrisbrown74_with_originalTshirt1987
  • Djambu
  • Dorina
  • DrDave
  • FirstThirdSecondNonNepali
  • HeatherSimon2
  • Hilary_Chhorten
  • JacAndDjanbu
  • JacquieAndBella
  • JacquieEdwards
  • JayneJulie
  • Lakpa
  • LhamuSherpa
  • LhamuSherpaSecondWoman
  • LindseyA
  • Marcus(2nd)Tom(1st)
  • Marcus
  • MarkAndChris
  • Matt
  • Mel
  • Mike
  • OEM2019
  • OnlyTreeAround
  • P1020776
  • P1020784
  • RashilaFirstWoman
  • RichardHardy
  • SabrinaVergee
  • SarahLinda
  • StephWilsonandMelSteventon
  • SumanKulung_first
  • Suman_Kulung
  • TheEdwards
  • TomGibbs
  • Wendy
  • barryAtkinson
  • barryEdwards
  • bella
  • firstSecondThirdMale
  • sumanKulungFirstMale
  • tom
  • tomek
  • tomek2


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