Walk to Namche Bazaar

aboveToktok Walk to Namche BazaarThe following day, after a camp at Toktok just above Phadking, we set off towards Namche Bazaar which is the Sherpa capital. Initially this is easy walking but the ground soon steepened to give some breathless climbs as we ascend towards 3446m.


Mood in the camp is good and so far, people are acclimatising well and not feeling any significant effects of altitude. However, as we get closer to Namche Bazaar, the impact of walking above 3000m starts to impact on our pace and some take the very sensible approach of slowing their rate of walking. It is here that we also hit the traffic (walkers, porters, Dzokio trains) mainly coming down at the end of the main trekking season. This will prove to be the busiest of all days on our trek. Mid to late November is a good time to be ascending the valley system as most of the crowds are leaving. 


The weather is chilly at night but warm and sunny during the days which is a welcome sight for the UK based trekkers - and also our Austrailian contingent, although for very different reasons.


This is a hard day but the welcome sight of Namche Bazaar makes all the hard work much  more pleasurable.


namchebazaar Walk to Namche Bazaar




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