Buying final medical supplies and arriving in Kathmandu

ritikay Buying final medical supplies and arriving in Kathmandu

Today most people arrived safely and despite all the traffic being halted again so that the president of Bangladesh could leave his meeting without delay, the large group mainly arrived relaxed and in good time for kit allocation, group meetings and a most welcome and excellent dinner.


The day allowed for final stocking up on medical supplies where Dr Milligan was able to find a reliable Nepali stockist of the last minute drugs such as Acetazolamide (Diamox).  The whole trek and marathon are supported by 4 doctors, 2 in each team as well as 2 team leaders, Bhai's excellent Nepali guide team, sirdars, cooks and porters.


The hotel Shanker have provided outstanding accommodation and support and we are proud to continue our association with them.






Original everest marathon Kit allocaion  

One of the first jobs is to collect the trekking kit that we provide which this year includes:

a purpose made kit bag for the Yaks and or Porters to carry on trek

emergency survival bag SOL

route and race maps

trekking drinking cups - Ultimate direction

long sleeved light weight thermal - RAB

short sleeved running t-shirt - Craft and Up and Running

1 tube of fisiocrem for aches and pain relief

as well as Down jackets and sleeping bags for those who hired them from Bhai


Original everest marathon Kitallocation

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petebland Buying final medical supplies and arriving in Kathmandu