Welcome to Kathmandu

Original Everest Marathon visits ThamelNamaste from Kathmandu. 

Steve, Wendy and Ali arrived following very smooth flights from Manchester via Muscat and into an amazingly empty KMD airport. It's been re-developed and is far more welcoming, efficient and devoid of the chaos of the previous trip. The lovely people from the hotel were there to collect us in a car for 4 - obviously unaware of  the number of bags we would have - medicine rucksacks as well as well-stuffed bags full of OEM t-shirts for our Nepali trekking staff.

The Shanker has been fully restored to its former glory after the damage of the earthquake, and the entrance and reception are stunning. The garden looks in tip-top condition and the pool is a decent temperature, especially in the heat of the hours around midday.

It's been so lovely seeing the first of the OEM crew start to arrive - Bruce and Julie from Australia and Isobel, who has been staying in Thamel for a week and become a 'local'.

We walked into Thamel and re-learned the routes to the best places to change money exchange, buy a SIM card and visit Shona's (outdoor equipment shop). We found prices far higher than previous years 

It's only 10 minutes walk into the northern part of Thamel but Kahmandu continues to become ever more bustling and over crowded. Such a mass of humaity squashed into such a small place; a bit of a shock compared to our rural cumbrian home, but exciting and vibrant nonetheless.

Returning to the hotel we met up with Devon Loughney who's brother Scott is attempting to set a FKT for the run from Kathmandu to EBC and return to Kathmandu.


Lizzie Hawker ran the route from EBD to Kathmandu in 2013 in 63hrs 8mins but no one has yet done the up and back


We're hoping we might see him on route but this can only happen if he's way behind schedule.

Our afternoon was finished off by a wonderful massage by the blind masseurs at Seeing Hands. We've made a provisional booking for a large group on 5th December, when we get back from Lukla. There'll be some tight legs to soften up.

After a walk back to the Shanker in rush hour, it was wonderful entering the calm oasis of the hotel, which is  particularly stunning at nght.

OEM at the SHanker by night



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