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Running on technical terrain

Feeling confident to move quickly on steep, rocky or exposed ground is second nature to some, but if you haven't had much practice on this sort of terrain, it's worth coming on one of the OEM training weekends. They will be organised from October onwards, in Surrey and the Lake District for a minimum of 5 people. 
Let me know if you're interested by emailing originaleverestmarathon@gmail.com  and we can then sort out dates, venue and cost.  
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Experiencing mountaineering and altitude

If you have already been to altitude, you will have a good understanding of the effect that those extra 100 meters make. Us runners tend to think that fitness will conquer all and 'I'll be alright.' But the reality is that it's usually the exact opposite and the people who are the fittest suffer the most, perhaps because they try to push too soon and don't give their bodies time to adapt.

We want everyone who is accepted on the marathon to feel confident in their ability to stay healthy and have a great time. So if you have masses of mountain running experience but have never experienced very high altitude, it may be something you'd like to do before committing to the event. We've organised a special OEM week for just this. 


Monte Rosa - 3rd - 7th September 2018 

5 days on the Monte Rosa plateau (Italian and Swiss border), ascending Piramide Vincent and Gnifetti and 4-night spent in mountain refuges at 3000m-4500 m. The Margherita is the highest rifugio in the alps and has fantastic Italian cusine. 
This is glacial, but not technical terrain, so the ideal location for non-climbers to have an extraordinary high mountain experience.
The week will be guided by a British UIAGM guide, who lives in the Alps. Cost approximately £1,200 + travel to Chamonix. 

Email - originaleverestmarathon@gmail.com if you're interested in this week or another date.


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