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April Newsletter

Here’s an update on what’s been happening over the last month. You can find the previous newsletters on the OEM website  https://originaleverestmarathon.com/en/about-oem/the-everest-marathon-community/newsletter-archive

Who’s coming to run the OEM

Marcus Scotney is one of the most high profile and recognisable ultra-trail runners in the U.K. and he is  going to be joining us on the OEM.  This is brilliant news as with his background, he may just be able to give the Nepali men a good race. He is a running Coach and Sports Therapist and will be sharing his wisdom on the training weekend at Giggleswick – super good news.

Marcus became a ‘name’ when he  won The Dragons Back Race in 2017, setting a new course record. He also won the gruelling 8 day Cape Wrath Ultra in 2016. In February he finished 2nd at The Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica.
Marcus Scotney

Photo credit: Ian Corless

He has been running for over 30 years and only entered into the world of ultra distance running in 2008. His meteoric rise has seen him represent England five times at 100km, once at 50km, representing Great Britain at the 2015 and 2010 100km Championships and the European 100km Championship in 2010 as well as winning a number of high profile trail races in the U.K. and Internationally.

Nepali runners

If you saw the post on the OEM Facebook page on 8th March, featuring Mira Rai winning the Everest Marathon, you’ll know how much it means for Nepali’s to make a name for themselves by developing a running career.

Lizzie Hawker coached Mira and now Mira is focusing her efforts on developing a new generation of athletes in Nepal. She's giving them the opportunities she feels so lucky to have had through her Exchange and Empower programme.
The OEM has put out an invitation to some of the EnE athletes to come and run. 

Mira Rai
Photo: Chheche Sherpa Rai
When we know which athletes will be coming, we’ll do a profile on them. Meanwhile you can have a look at :  https://miraraiexchange.org/meet-the-athletes/

Flights to Nepal

Never having been in the position to need to buy long-haul flights for a team before, my thinking went, ‘It's 8 months away and there’s still a load of other things I need to do before that.' But it seems some people operate on far longer time plan than myself and in February I was told that the cost of flights to Nepal was rising.

So everyone who has already booked on to the OEM for this year has been told about the best value flight options and most people coming from the UK have taken up the option of taking the same flights from Manchester and London with an OEM team leader and doctor. If you’re considering entering this year, securing a flight at a good price is a good reason to take action and register now.

OEM practice weekend – 10th - 12th May

The programme for this training weekend can be seen on Sientries. It’s going to be a great bonus having Marcus there to give advice across a range of topics so that you can be at your best for running the OEM.
We’re going to be making a film of the weekend, so be prepared to come and show your best side, talk about what motivates you to want to take part in the OEM and share in the fun.
This weekend is also about getting to know the people you’re going to be travelling with and the start of potential life-long friendships. 
To book your place: https://www.sientries.co.uk/event.php?elid=Y&event_id=5414

Nepali Evenings

The next three OEM and CAN  presentation evening s will include a dinner of Nepali food and a screening of the award winning film Children of the Snowland. 

Children of the Snowland

Whilst availability of education is something we often take for granted in the UK, this isn’t so simple or easy in rural Nepal where parents have to choose between sending their offspring away to get an education or consigning them to a life of poverty. Zara Balfour and Marcus Stephenson’s new documentary, Children of the Snow Land, tells their story.

As we are paying to screen the film as well as paying for catering, we need to take bookings well in advance. And if you fancy coming for a good evening out, do bring some friends with you. 

24th April - Hartpury University, Gloucester, GL19 3BE

Venue - MDC 01 Theatre, next to the Red and Black Costa Coffee area
Time - Arrival 6pm – 6.30pm

Food will be served from 6pm – 7pm and there is a bar and coffee shop

In your seats at 7pm for OEM presentation, followed by the film Children of the Snowland

Film ends at 9.10, after which there’s time to talk in the bar.

Book through  Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/original-everest-marathon-hartpury-tickets-57527046946

25th April in Sheffield, S3 8EN

Venue     - Jagged Globe Office, 45 Mowbray Street, Sheffield, S3 8EN
Time       - Arrival 6pm – 6.30pm

Catering by the Happy Buddha, served from 6pm – 7pm.
Hot drinks & beer and wine.

In your seats at 7pm for OEM presentation, followed by the film Children of the Snowland

Film ends at 9.10 and there’s time for talking after that.

Book through Eventbrite  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/original-everest-marathon-sheffield-tickets-56826994069

22nd June in Capel Curig, Wales

Venue - Moel Siabod Café
The OEM / CAN presentation and Children of the Snowland film will be part of the Reach out to Nepal day organised by Paul Hodges and Dorina Savu – both of whom are coming on the OEM.

Times and booking to be arranged.

Chamonix  - date to be arranged

Venue – Patagonia Shop 249 Rue Paccard, BP 143, Chamonix


You will probably have heard that BT Donate is soon not going to exist.
Community Action Nepal has replaced it by Virgin Money as the fundraising platform and this will be available on the website soon.

Keeping warm on the OEM

The OEM duvet made for us by PHD will be a K Series Ultra. I’ve chosen this pullover  over other options because of its extreme warmth and extreme lightness.
I believe a super lightweight duvet is useful in loads of situations and given that it only weighs 240gm, there’s no excuse for not taking it with you wherever you go.

PHD rate the K Series Ultra as being effective at -5. They make duvets that are suitable for much colder conditions, but it’s not practical to carry a bulky, heavy duvet all the way on the trek if it's only going to be used high up.
Lower down the valley, it will be cold enough to need a light down layer in the evenings.

My preference is to have flexibility by taking two lighter layers  – either both of down or one of synthetic fill – and wearing two when it’s really cold.

A light weight down top doubles up as a great pillow.  

The special deal is an OEM logoed pullover in Burnt Orange, with a detachable hood for £305.

PHD OEM Down Jacket

I need to give PHD an order for a minimum of 30 pullovers, so if you want one, let me know and send your chest and height measurements.

I will be bringing a couple of PHD duvets with me to the Training Weekend  in May for you to experience the instant warmth they provide.

Stay well, 


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