The highest marathon in the world


Gokyo [4,890m]

Gokyo Porter Rescue ShelterGokyo, constructed by CAN more recently than Machermo, withstood the earthquake better, as did the various lodges in the vicinity. Much of the repair work was carried out under the direction of the caretakers, Mr Jit Bahadur Rai and Mr Pasang Sherpa. Gokyo is becoming the more significant porter rescue shelter with the increase in the number of trekkers crossing the Renjo La pass (5,360m]. This shelter is also manned by an IPPG UK doctor during both the trekking seasons.



Gorak Shep [5,140m]

Built in 2008, Gorak Shep Porter Shelter is one of the highest 

Top Kalapather Gorakshep17.09.11

buildings in Nepal; it is certainly the highest ever constructed by CAN. Fortunately, there was very little damage resulting from the two big earthquakes in 2015. It is not manned by an IPPG medic.

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