What is Community Action Nepal?

Community Action Nepal is a UK based charity whose aim is to help some of the poorest people on the planet – the mountain people of Nepal

  • CAN LogoFounded by Doug Scott, CBE – who in 1975, with Dougal Haston,  made the first British ascent of Everest. The charity is supported by mountaineers and mountain-lovers the world over
  • The mountain people of Nepal’s middle hills make up the bulk of the porter work force, who have enabled so many people to enjoy the Himalaya but who receive very little in return. As mountaineers we felt a kinship with these mountain people and we decided to try to help
  • Community Action Nepal emerged out of Community Action Treks, a trekking cooperative set up by Doug to ensure fair employment and wages for trekking porters. It proved to be so successful – both in terms of fair treatment for porters and in the experience for the trekkers – that the profits it generated could be ploughed back into the mountain communities
  • CAN has done this through enabling simple, but vital projects – such as setting up and maintaining village schools and medical posts and the instillation of clean drinking water
  • These projects not only help improve the quality of daily life amongst the Nepalese people, but also help stop the drift from the countryside, which can sustain the people, their families and their communities, to the cities.
  • In doing this CAN hopes to be able help sustain the local culture of the Himalaya, the home to some of the world’s greatest philosophies and most vibrant people.